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Shanghai Binze Electromechanical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. was established in September 2000. It is a building electromechanical construction enterprise which sets design, production and installation as a whole. Binze has lots of construction qualifications, such as Electronic and intelligent engineering contractor Ⅲ,Petrochemical engineering construction general contract Ⅲ,Steel structure engineering contractorⅢ,Construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering contractor Ⅲ,Special equipment installation and maintenance of maintenance permits (pressure pipe),etc.

We have always been adhering to “quality of service as the guide, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force” and always adhere to the idea of“innovate in electromechanical equipment installation industry,innovate in doing fine and innovate in bold practice”. Also, we always take our customers into consideration , make satisfactory projects, obey first, let customers satisfactory and establish customer-centric idea as our management principle.And we establish a business philosophy which is“first-class reputation, first-class management, first-class skills and first-class service”. Our highest goal is to make service awareness become obey consciousness and meet our customers’ needs.

Since the establishment of the company,construction capacity increased year by year while the scope of construction continued to expand,and we accumulated a wealth of construction experience and mastered the mature construction technology, including equipment and pipeline construction technology, equipment lifting construction technology, tank production construction technology, steel structure manufacturing technology, pressure vessel and pressure pipe installation technology, automatic electric and instrument construction technology.

Business Scope:

Construction machinery and equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance (except special equipment),Indoor & outdoor decoration; Wholesale and retail of Mechanical and electrical equipment, metal products; Architectural ornament and decoration professional construction; Technical services in the field of mechanical and electrical equipment; Professional construction of steel structure construction engineering; Chemical oil equipment pipeline installation engineering professional construction; Construction of intelligent building construction, etc.

Branch office:

In 2004, we purchase 80% shares of Dalian Xinsheng Industrial Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. with the company's absolute controlling stake.Dalian Xin Sheng Industrial Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. has mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering professional contractor Ⅲ, pressure pipeline installation GB2 GC2 level qualification certificate.And the company mainly undertakes Japanese business investment projects in China.

In 2004,we invested and set up Shanghai Shengxian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which mainly engaged in general machinery and equipment and accessories, hardware, metal products manufacturing, processing and after-sales service, building materials, metal materials, mechanical and electrical products sales, goods and technology import and export; entrepot trade, trade between enterprises within the trade agent; regional trade advisory services.

In 2011, the new workshop plant is formally used in the production workshop, located in Shanghai Gaodong Industrial Park, No. 1020 Gao Xiang Road, with a total area of 7173 square meters, with production, assembly, painting, metalworking and electrical workshops.